Acne, blemishes, and problematic skin are the result of over-production of sebum and the excessive growth of surface skin cells that can affect both woman and men from puberty onwards as hormones develop.  Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and cysts can form on the face, chest and back. Try not to pick or squeeze the pimples as it results in more redness, swelling, inflammation and possible scarring. Acne is a condition that can cause serious damage to the self esteem of adolescents and adults as well.  Acne treatments are an ongoing process and improvement takes time.  After a  skin consultation, we can provide the best acne treatment plan possible.


The Environ range is a system based on the combination of vitamin A, Australian tea tree oil, colostrum, and salicylic acids to target problematic skin. The scientifically advanced formulations work in synergy to assist in reducing excessive sebum production and improve the appearance of skin tone and texture.  Some products in the AVST and the Intensive range may also target oily, congested, inflamed problematic skin types and help to eliminate dead skin cells.  Environ’s vision has always been to make the best skin care in the world, through a philosophy of well researched, scientific skin care.
“The misery caused by acne can be alleviated with vitamin A.”
- Dr. Des Fernandes, Founder of Environ Skincare

Biologique Recherché skin care has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using pure, concentrated and raw ingredients for 40 years. From cleansing care, to their cult following Lotions P50, purifying and stabilizing masks, quintessential serums and moisturisers we can treat your acne and blemish concerns.

IS Clinical skin care uses traditional medicine + cutting edge science pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  They are paraben-free clinically proven products endorsed by leading dermatologists, medical clinics and A-list celebrities.  Botanically based and  powerfully effective to treat your stubborn acne combined with their in clinic treatments.

Facial Treatments

Facial treatments are done using Environ, Biologique Recherché, IS Clinical and other products to help balance the skin in combination with technology that can include LED Light Therapy, LED Light Therapy with negative ions, microdermabrasion, oxygen infusion, ultrasound therapy with cold laser, cryotherapy and Electro-Sonic DF treatments.   Customized skin care and treatments.

Laser Genesis

The laser can penetrate deep into the pores to help kill acne bacteria.  It can also help to decrease redness, pigmentation and light scarring caused by acne.  This procedure utilizes non-invasive laser technology and requires no downtime and is very comfortable.  This is also a great treatment for women who develop localized acne during your hormonal cycle.  Add LED Light Therapy to boost this treatment to the next level.


This is a non-invasive procedure that helps to improve acne, skin redness, pigmentation and vessels on the face left from acne and acne scarring.  Collagen is also stimulated in a Limelight treatment which helps to reduce lines, wrinkles and scarring.  Add LED Light Therapy to boost this treatment to the next level.

LED Light Therapy

LED  Light Therapy is a gentle heat free treatment that does not contain harmful ultraviolet wavelengths and therefore cannot damage skin tissue.  It is clinically safe for all skin types, colour and conditions and there is no downtime or risk of unwanted side effects.  The skin has the ability to absorb light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate a healing response.

Whether you are a teenager or adult and suffer from mild, moderate, or severe acne and don't want to use antibiotics, drugs and Accutane, then this is the treatment for you.  LED Light Therapy can treat the face, chest, shoulders or back. 

This treatment is much more than just Blue Light.   Depending on your condition, there are six colours from the visible light spectrum that can penetrate to different depths of the skin, each with its own therapeutic action within skin cells. 

A series of treatments can help to kill acne bacteria, inhibit the growth of new bacteria, promote healing, help with redness and more.  Maintenance treatments may be necessary to help control your acne.

Acne Scarring

Once acne is under control, we can focus on scarring.  Scarring can be treated with IPL, Laser Genesis, Advanced Facials, Micro Needling, skin care or a combination approach to get the best results.