Rosacea is a skin condition that usually appears in fair skinned women and men and symptoms are redness, flushing, “pimples” and vessels on the nose, cheeks and chin.  Treatments for Rosacea at Burlington Medi Spa include leading light and laser therapies, results oriented skin care,  and advanced facials to deal with this condition.

Burlington Medi Spa has many treatment options for treating rosacea.  Book a skin consultation to discuss which options would be best for you.

Skin Care

Sensitive and reactive skins need the right products to calm sensitive, red and irritated skin.  By using  a personalized approach to your skin condition, I will recommend the best products to use from AntAGE MD, Biologique Recherche, Environ, and is Clinical to provide essential nutrition to the skin.



I've been seeing Patty at Burlington Medi Spa for the past 2 years and during that time she has helped me find the right treatment program for my rosacea prone skin.  My skin has not looked this good in over 20 years.  I love using the products and for the first time since receiving a rosacea diagnosis I can say they work!  Thank you!        - T. H.


LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy treatments are like a multivitamin for skin cells.   Each colour in the LED output is measurably pure and corresponds with a specific therapeutic action. Custom protocols are designed for your individual skin concern whether you have diffuse redness or mild, moderate, or more severe rosacea.

Advanced Facials

Our advanced facials assist in helping to replenish the skins moisture barrier, soothe, repair, and strengthen the skin resulting in an appearance of smoother, softer, healthier and less red looking skin.

Laser Genesis

This gentle non-invasive laser treatment helps to reduce the redness, “pimples” and flushing from rosacea.  Laser Genesis penetrates into the dermis to stimulate new collagen production targeting the vessels below the skin’s surface decreasing diffuse redness.  Additionally, it helps to improve pore size, reduces fine lines, smooths out scars and uneven skin texture!  A series of treatments are recommended as your skin improves following each treatment.  Clients who have had IPL in the past find this treatment very comfortable and effective. It is ideal for clients that have an active lifestyle and don’t want downtime.  Maintenance treatments are recommended to keep rosacea under control.  Add LED Light Therapy post treatment.

Laser Genesis for Rosacea


IPL also known as Intense Pulse Light or Photofacial helps to improve the appearance of rosacea by decreasing redness and small vessels. With all the new technologies out there, this tried and true treatment has staying power for rejuvenation as its main targets are redness, pigment and collagen. The treatment offers the advantage of improving skin tone and surface imperfections associated with aging.  This non-invasive treatment uses broad spectrum light to treat the face, neck, chest and hands. The treated area may be slightly red and mildly swollen depending on your skin condition.  A series of treatments are usually needed to see results. IPL also stimulates collagen production; it gives an instant boost to the skin, looks more vibrant, radiant and rejuvenated.  Client’s skin looks younger and tighter after treatments.  Maintenance treatments are recommended to keep rosacea under control.  Add LED Light Therapy post treatment.

Vein Therapy

By combining the ideal laser wavelength, the Nd:YAG laser targets and coagulates unwanted blood vessels eventually destroying the vessel which is later reabsorbed by your body. Clients find that one or two treatments are sufficient.  However, depending on area, the number, colour and size of the vessels being treated, more treatments may be needed.