For many years, I struggled with rosacea. It made me feel very self-conscious and, at times, I would choose to limit my social interaction when a flare-up was particularly bad.

I had tried many things – changes to diet, topical creams, skin regimes and IPL. I reached out to Patty after finding the details of Burlington Medi Spa on line. Her consultation with me was extremely thorough and, most importantly, very sensitive. Once she understood my history and my skin, Patty recommended Laser Genesis.

We did a series of 5 treatments, with improvement obvious after the first one. The treatment was not at all painful. It has been about six months since we finished the series of Laser Genesis treatments and I have not had a single flare-up. My redness is completely gone. I can leave my house without any make-up, if I choose, and no one would identify me as a rosacea sufferer.

Thanks to Patty’s expert guidance, I believe my rosacea is completely under control. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and her services. If you have rosacea, go see her NOW! Patty is obviously a very experienced professional. What I appreciated as much is that she is also a very caring and understanding person. Thank you Patty!

– K.G.